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Trenton ACE Program
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and Trenton Schools Work to Bridge the Digital Divide

FREE computer courses for Trenton residents
(Students, adults, and senior citizens welcome)
(public and non-public school students welcome)

Open most Saturdays, and some after-school and weeknights
Sponsored by Trenton Public Schools

Registrations:  by telephone, fax, or email

ACE Office is in the Trenton Central Services Building
Telephone No.:   (609) 989-2977
FAX # : 609-989-2958

Stephen "Mack" McNamara, ACE Coordinator
Secretary: Cornelia Williams
September, 2002 - December, 2002

Course Offerings:
A printed version of this catalog will be available soon.
Please Note:  More classes to be added to the Fall schedule
Coming soon:   More Bilingual computer courses and courses for senior citizens 

The intent of this program is to increase student achievement of the Core Curriculum Content Standards and family involvement in their children's education through the provision of staff-supported "off-hour" access to additional educational opportunities.

To address the need for public access to technology for Trenton families, Trenton proposes the establishment of three ACE centers in the city. Each center will provide students and parents with year-round, day, evening, and weekend training and accessibility. The three centers would provide a safe and equitable learning environment for children and adults to gain Cross-Content Workplace-Readiness Skills.

Existing centers:
Trenton Central Services (cyberspace labs)
108 N. Clinton Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08609
(classes for students and adults)
Hedgepeth / Williams Middle School
301 Gladstone Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08629 
(classes for students and adults)

Trenton Afterschool Program (TASP) at Trinity Cathedral -
801 W. State Street
Trenton, NJ 08618
(classes for students)
The ACE Program may expand the number of centers in the future.

Planned ACE locations:

The centrally situated Cyberspace Lab at the Trenton Board of Education would meet the needs of the non-public schools that requested this as an ACE site.

Hedgepeth-Williams Middle School, located on the city's eastern perimeter, houses the Weed 'n Seed Program, which provides a safe-haven beyond the school day for members of the community who wish to engage in recreational, tutorial, and social activities.

The Daylight/Twilight Program has the potential for reaching over 1.000 students and their families. The school's mission is to bring citizens who have left the academic setting back into an environment that will prepare them for a productive life. These factors alone make it an ideal site for an ACE center.

If there's a particular program you'd like to see covered in future workshops, please contact the ACE Computer Training Program at (609) 989-2977.


ETTC to Purchase New Software

As part of our committment to quality staff development, software upgrades are a consistent part of future planning. Following is a partial list of the software that ETTC will be including in our workshops:
*Kidspiration (K-3)
*Windows 2000
*Microsoft Office 2000
*Microsoft Publisher 2000
*Microsoft Front Page 2000 Web Design
*Microsoft Outlook 2000
*Macromedia Fireworks
*Macromedia Flash
*Adobe Photoshop (Web grpahics or Photo retouching)
*Adobe Pagemaker (brochures and newsletters)

Course Schedule

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